A corner sofa with a sleeping function. The corner sofa folds like a bed.

Corner sofas with a sleeping function are much more than just an alternative to a bed in the living room. So let’s take a look at the extra perks that furniture fitted with such an amenity undoubtedly brings – perhaps some of them will inspire you?

Narożnik Tulipano w oliwkowej tkaninie Aquaclean Venice 43. z rozkładanym łóżkiem.

Everyday corner sofa with sleeping function

Maybe it’s just the right time for a change – is there anything more comfortable than a fold-out corner sofa with a sleeping function and extra bedding storage? It may be an unobvious choice, but by opting for a smaller flat, you can dispense with the bed altogether. Instead, simply introduce a corner sofa with a sleeping function into your living room. This solution saves space, but also increases the potential of the interior. With a corner sofa, the living room will become a social centre for conversation and meetings with friends. Are you thinking of replacing your bed with a folding corner sofa? We equip our furniture with a sleeping function, which will ensure not only a restorative and healthy sleep, but above all comfort and ease of use and unfolding of the furniture. We use solutions that eliminate the need to put force into unfolding the furniture in order to obtain a sleeping surface. Vero furniture is first and foremost a design with everyone in mind – the needs of families!

A corner sofa with a sleeping function for the living room – fold-out corner sofas with bedding storage

You are most likely no stranger to the fun of enjoying a movie night, organised by you and a loved one. It’s no secret that it’s much more pleasant to lie down on a fold-out corner sofa with a sleeping function. Wouldn’t you call it pure hedonism to enjoy stretching your legs with a handful full of goodies on a fold-out sofa or corner sofa? Everything at hand! Thoughtful designs of furniture equipped with a sleeping function are sometimes supplemented with bedding containers. Such a solution is not only an option that allows you to store your bedding without involving additional furniture. After all, if you don’t use the sleeping function on a daily basis, the storage compartment can serve as a place for things like blankets, for example, that you want to have on hand in the cooler evenings. Another idea might be to use it as a container for toys, for example, when the kids take over your living room.

A corner sofa with a sleeping function for the office

Do you happen to stay at work for a long time? Does the drive home cost you a considerable amount of time behind the wheel? It’s a good idea to recuperate before a long journey. Your convertible corner sofa in the office with a sleeping function could prove to be a salvation – if only for a quick nap during a break or for a short recuperation before the long drive home after a week full of work.

Modern corner sofa for the living room and bedroom

We equip our furniture with state-of-the-art solutions for all your needs and everyday use. The sleeping function is the perfect complement to many of the nothing. However, to enjoy full comfort, you don’t have to decide right away to use the sleeping function, providing you with an extra surface carrying comfort. Take advantage of the multifunctionality of our furniture. Their most powerful advantage is the ability to personalise your own comfort.

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