About Vero

The Vero brand was established almost 20 years ago in Dobrodzien (Opole Silesia) – a region famous for the production of leisure furniture, and before that, especially wooden furniture.

It was carpentry traditions that led to the first models of leisure furniture signed by the Vero brand – the
Pearl and Ambra – were set on wooden frames: visible, carefully worked out, decorative.

The name of the brand was a commitment of its founders from the beginning. Vero means real – that’s why both the materials (such as natural grain leather) and, above all, the craftsmanship are real.

To this day, the production of Vero furniture invariably takes place in the Opole Silesia region – in a factory where custom furniture has been created for almost 50 years.

In 2002, the first Vero furniture showroom was established – in Dobrodzieno, Lubliniecka Street. Today, the brand is available in more than 100 showrooms throughout Poland.

In 2020, the newest – and at the same time the largest (nearly 700 sq m) – Vero showroom was opened, located at 201 Roździeńskiego Street in Katowice.

But Vero is developing not only in Poland – it is also successful abroad. The first piece of furniture was exported (to be precise: to Lithuania) almost 15 years ago.

Since 2006, the brand has regularly presented its novelties at international interior fairs, arousing the interest of foreign contractors. That’s why today Vero furniture is available in more than 40 countries around the world!

In the following years, the Vero brand focused on design refinement and development – while maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship.

In 2010, Italian designer Concetta Lauriero joins the design team. For 6 months (that’s how long it usually takes to develop a new furniture design) she designs her first model for the Vero brand – Mirto: a piece of furniture that combines true Italian design with solid local craftsmanship.

Today Concetta Lauriero is a permanent member of the Vero design team. She knows the brand and the company very well.

Concetta only puts her designs in good hands, so it was crucial for the collaboration that the very process of producing Vero furniture takes place in Poland, in a Polish factory with a long history and with the participation of Polish workers, proficient in their craft.

Hence the brand’s new slogan: MAESTRIA di SOFÀ – because in order to achieve harmony and balance of form and function, beauty and comfort – artistry is necessary on the one hand, and necessary proficiency in craftsmanship on the other.

The Vero brand adapts to the needs and expectations of customers.

Vero is custom-made furniture – here the customer decides on its final appearance and form. Natural, high-quality grain leather with a beautiful, clearly visible texture – or a wide range of fabrics in a full range of colors. Vero furniture has a modern modular design. Functional two-, three- and multi-person sofas are created here by the appropriate combination of modules – depending on the needs and layout of the interior or the tastes and preferences of its occupants.

Because Concetta Lauriero believes that what is most important in her designs is the delight and appreciation of clients.

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