How to clean leather furniture. How to care for leather furniture.

Leather sofas and armchairs lend an extraordinary elegance to any interior. You might think that such distinctive furnishings are reserved only for rooms of a certain type, but this is not true. Furniture with a variety of colours, characters and finishes will beautifully complement the décor of any room. Before buying such furniture, however, it is worth knowing some basic information that will make it easier for us to care for it later. In the following article, a few words on how to care for leather furniture.

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How to clean leather furniture?

As we have already noticed, leather furniture is a beautiful decoration for any living room. In order for sofas, couches or armchairs to look dignified and aesthetically pleasing, we must remember to clean them regularly. Taking care of leather furniture, when there is no major dirt on it, is not a complicated task. Firstly, vacuum the furniture regularly to get rid of accumulated dirt such as crumbs, pollen or pet hair. Regularly wipe down your furniture with a soft, slightly damp cloth. For more intensive cleaning, only use leather furniture care and maintenance products that contain a material-safe composition.

Removing stubborn stains from leather furniture

Every leather used for furniture has a thin, invisible layer that helps protect the material. When removing stains, we most often reach for strong chemicals such as washing liquids, sprays or specifics that have alcohol or paraffin in their composition. Unfortunately, such agents will not only completely destroy the natural protection of the leather, but are also very likely to discolour and strongly weaken the material. If you want to be sure that the stain will come off the surface of the sofa and that you will not accidentally damage the leather, use a ready mixture for cleaning leather furniture. If this is not possible, use a mixture of soapy water and a soft cloth. When getting rid of the stain, the cloth is to be wrung out well enough not to leave a lot of liquid. It is very important to clean the leather gently, without rubbing hard. After cleaning, the leather is wiped with a dry cloth.

How do you maintain leather? Care of leather furniture

When owning leather furniture, we certainly pay a lot of attention to its proper care and maintenance. Leather is a very durable material that has the potential to last for many years. Of course, there is no denying that you can often see with your own eyes leather sofas that are several years old with a completely cracked and worn surface, but in most cases this is not the fault of the material itself, but of the way it is used and the lack of awareness that leather needs to be cared for. Here are some rules for good leather furniture care:
Do not place leather furniture near a radiator or other heat source – the leather can dry out and crack easily.
Pay attention to the humidity level in the room.
Care for the upholstery of leather furniture with specially designed care, oiling and maintenance balms.
Avoid rubbing the furniture “wet”, only wipe the furniture with a slightly damp cloth.
By following the above guidelines, the leather furniture we buy becomes an investment for many years. We wish you pleasant use!

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