Vintage – what does it mean? Vintage style furniture.

Design of any area goes back sooner or later to its roots – certain characteristic features that are associated with forgotten styles, rather associated with what has gone before. Are we sure?

What characterises vintage style?

Vintage is always on trend – regardless of the area of design. You can find it everywhere – in the cinema (productions reminiscent of the immortal 1980s), in fashion (jeans!), in motoring (old-school vehicles or those manufactured specifically as new). Vintage has also come to dominate the musical sphere – note how many modern artists consciously draw on the sounds and elements characteristic of performers whose peak of popularity was many decades earlier! Why has Vintage settled in for good? Most likely, it’s a matter of sentiment for the iconic. You have to notice that what is old-school is most often associated with high quality – but the kind of masterful quality associated with artisanal work, not mass, mechanised production.

What is also behind the Vintage style phenomenon? – Definitely the materials that refer back to the style and the era that gave it birth. It’s not just about interesting looks – it’s also about durability! Vintage is also about distinctive colours, but also about the finish! The truth is simple – we are intrigued by what seems a little distant, elusive (unless you have a time machine!).

A vintage-style room

But how does a style which in some respects refers to a cult design that is decades or even centuries old relate to contemporary interior design and the challenges of everyday life in the 21st century? Beyond the obvious popularity, do these solutions work and provide something more than an intriguing look? It depends. In the Vero Vintage range, you will find the best of the best in a stylised, but minimalist way! These are simple solutions that work for every occasion!

Vintage furniture

Maximum durability will be ensured by the steel constructions – elegant, black and incredibly sturdy, they are ready for all the challenges and burdens awaiting you in everyday life. To ensure full functionality and complete the design with an old-school look, we equip our furniture with top quality tops! Such an industrial finish is suitable for boho interiors, but also for any minimalist interior – beech wood will delight the most demanding!

Opt for class and comfort, complete the interiors of your home with Vintage solutions that will please for years to come!

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