How to choose furniture for the living room? Furnishing the living room.

Or how to create blissful tranquillity in a hectic everyday life? When we move into a new flat or house, excited to create our own dream space, we promise ourselves that we will never, but never again, accumulate so many unnecessary objects. However, practice shows that, driven by sentiment and many other considerations, we are able to revamp our collection of odd and useless items at an express pace. How do we tame the reality around us?

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Sofa with sleeping function – the most important piece of furniture in the living room

In many homes, the sofa becomes the centre of everyday life. It’s where we relax, confide in a friend over a broken heart, watch football matches or spend time with family. This is why it is so important to choose a piece of furniture that perfectly suits our needs. The right sofa has to become a place of respite for us after a hard day. If, in addition to comfort, you also value functionality immensely, the sofa you choose absolutely also has to be multifunctional in order to cope with everyday situations. When you take a look at your flat from the comfort of your sofa, then everything becomes clear. A plan for taming unstructured objects will already form itself in your head.

Living room bench – the modern coffee table

Although eating and drinking on a sofa or sofa is not advisable due to the possibility of soiling or splashing the furniture, let the one who has never taken provisions to a home movie be the first to chew a stone. Multi-purpose benches are the ideal solution and complement to the sofa. A bench that can be folded out to the size of a table, or one that has appropriately designed shelves on which to store the most necessary items such as books or a laptop, is a good help in organising a simpler everyday life. An additional table is also a place to put drinks and snacks that, removed from the sofa area, no longer threaten its cleanliness.

Bookcases and a reading chair – a bookcase for the living room

One of the most convenient and highly functional pieces of furniture is a bookcase, not necessarily just for books. A suitably designed and well-thought-out piece of furniture will form an integral part of the flat in a functional way, utilising the space that we can use for aesthetically arranging many things. On the bookcase, you can freely place books and souvenirs from holiday trips. Use organisers to give your furniture a personal touch. You can choose from materials – plastic, fabric, paper, wicker, grass. The huge availability of colours and finishes gives you a wide range of possibilities to choose the right design and, in the long run, to refresh it by replacing it. If you have a lot of photos, consider the option of arranging them on narrow shelves, specially adapted for this purpose. These allow you to rearrange your photos at will, without fear of disturbing the wall with yet another hook.

Every amateur of book adventures dreams of a special space just for communing with literature. In order to create a small reading corner, the bookcase should be complemented with a comfortable reading armchair, in which you can sink in for hours. This will be perfectly complemented by a designer standing lamp, which will not only provide a nice finishing touch, but will also do a great job of illuminating the next pages of a book without having to switch on the main living room lighting, which may disturb other household members.

Lounge lamps

To enjoy the best results in your space design, make sure you have the right lighting in your home. If you want to highlight an area, use stronger, warm lighting. Your home will be much more harmonious if you plan spot lighting. Warm-coloured bulbs or stylish, large-diameter bulbs with carbon filaments will make you forget about chaos or excess objects that magically melt into the space.

Remember, however, that even the most sophisticated methods of controlling chaos only work up to a certain point. The strength lies in simplicity and using multifunctional and cleverly designed furniture.

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