Italian furniture – modern furniture for the living room.

Italian character and temperament – what kind of character and temperament? Probably one that allows you to enjoy life to the full. About this, but also about a design that, encapsulates what gives you the most joy; one that has character – each sofa, armchair and corner sofa has its own temperament, which you bring into your home by inviting one of Vero’s exceptional designs! So let’s get started!

Sofa Vero Scilla w granatowej skórze z obrotowymi siedziskami.

What are Italians like? The Italian temperament

It’s naturally about being open to the other person – Italians and Italian women seem to be able to talk about emotions – they are intrinsic to life, they are what perpetuate what is important and bind; so why bury them deep inside yourself? It seems that compatriots are closer to each other and understand each other better. Just look at the cafés overflowing with discussing friends, but also strangers at all hours in even the tiniest town in Italy! Isn’t it beautiful?

Creativity is power!

Full of ideas for everything – for as long as memory serves! Beauty and functionality, when every detail is responsible for full usability. Italy prides itself on its discoveries in all fields – grasping every last idea it develops. Leonardo da Vinci is a prime example; an artist and designer whose name is known everywhere to this day and whose designs after many centuries of study – prove not only successful; some of them inspire admiration today because of the idea itself!

Love – about feelings once again!

Well – not much needs to be said about this subject; we are talking, of course, about the purest feeling – family love, but also that of sensual love, between a couple in love; we are talking about the elements. 

Health and appearance!

Appearance is important – but it is to have pillars in health; this is what the Italian philosophy teaches. Interestingly according to statistics – it is Italy that, compared to Europe, is the most likely to visit the doctor, taking care of the need for regular checkups. What’s the moral? Do you want to be beautiful/beautiful? Take care of your health – play sport, go for a check-up every now and then – not just when something hurts! It’s simple – beauty also has a solid foundation – in this case, health.

Jokes, chants

Not everything always has to be serious – seriously, however, there is always joy, joy that Italians and Italian women love to share and in which they love to unite while singing – everywhere, the streets are full of them. It is impossible to pass by indifferently – someone will start singing; after a while, everyone sings! Someone starts joking; after a while, the whole street is in a singing, joking mood! It’s as simple as that – not everything always has to be serious.

Family living room furniture – a philosophy of family life

Family is the most important – a truth and Italian wisdom with which it is impossible not to agree. Acquaintances, friends close to the heart – but it is family that is closest; every moment with loved ones, moreover, provides balance – it is not only a pleasure, but also a thought for the future. Family gathering – every Sunday is the perfect opportunity to spend the day together with the whole family. Time slows down then – everyone gets more out of these moments thanks to the magic of family togetherness. Everyday life with the family, however, is not extremely different – Italians and Italian women always find time for their family – they get the most out of it.

Exclusive Italian furniture – furniture for the ages

Maybe it’s the Mediterranean diet; maybe it’s the ability to be happy, to enjoy life and draw maximum positive energy from it – a joy that allows you to overcome stress and worries. The truth is that Italians and Italian women statistically live much longer – they enjoy great shape! Vero is inspired not only by the best and traditional, not by Italian design, but also by the life lived in Italy. Our furniture has a temperament! They draw and allow you to draw the maximum from life, they feed the senses, but most importantly – they inspire! Vero furniture gives you power – it allows you to establish and consolidate family ties; it provides complete comfort – you can now talk in complete comfort about what is important for hours without having to be distracted from every nuance of what is most important to communicate! Yes – there is power in creativity. We present only clever and creative solutions that we implement in the design of our furniture – so that every moment lasts; we inspire and feed the senses with top-notch finishes, but also personalisation options that make you feel the full variety. But what’s most important? As always – health! Full comfort, healthy comfort and regeneration are what counts; the sleeping function will not only give you an extra rest option, but will prepare you for every day; your guests will appreciate the uncompromising comfort! Check out our range – fullness of life with life-changing, beautiful furniture awaits you!

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