Armchairs for the living room – the best lounge furniture.

Fotel Vero Rosmarino w bia艂ej tkaninie.

Surely everyone will agree with the statement that the living room can be considered the beating heart of every home and flat. This is where we relax after a hard day at work, with a favourite book or film as our evening companion. It is also where we experience pleasant moments together, spending time with […]

A corner sofa with a sleeping function. The corner sofa folds like a bed.

Naro偶nik Tulipano - oliwkowy w tkaninie.

Corner sofas with a sleeping function are much more than just an alternative to a bed in the living room. So let’s take a look at the extra perks that furniture fitted with such an amenity undoubtedly brings – perhaps some of them will inspire you? Everyday corner sofa with sleeping function Maybe it’s just […]

Italian furniture – modern furniture for the living room.

Sofa Vero Scilla w granatowej sk贸rze z obrotowymi siedziskami.

Italian character and temperament – what kind of character and temperament? Probably one that allows you to enjoy life to the full. About this, but also about a design that, encapsulates what gives you the most joy; one that has character – each sofa, armchair and corner sofa has its own temperament, which you bring […]

How to furnish a comfortable living room? Living room furniture.

Sofa Verbena w 偶贸艂tej sk贸rze.

A properly furnished living room will make you comfortable. What does that mean more precisely? You will feel empowered – rested and ready for any challenge. A comfortable living room is one in which you forget about limitations – size-wise, even the smallest living room will appear spacious. What else? – You’re ready for any […]

Vintage – what does it mean? Vintage style furniture.

Design of any area goes back sooner or later to its roots – certain characteristic features that are associated with forgotten styles, rather associated with what has gone before. Are we sure? What characterises vintage style? Vintage is always on trend – regardless of the area of design. You can find it everywhere – in […]

How to choose furniture for the living room? Furnishing the living room.

Or how to create blissful tranquillity in a hectic everyday life? When we move into a new flat or house, excited to create our own dream space, we promise ourselves that we will never, but never again, accumulate so many unnecessary objects. However, practice shows that, driven by sentiment and many other considerations, we are […]